The Audition

April 23rd, 2014

The audition was going well for Suki, so well in fact the manager of the club picked her out especially and invited her over for a drink. Now Suki couldn’t speak much English and her singing was pretty awful but her talents were shaking her bubble butt behind and hypnotizing customers with her huge breasts and killer cute face. When the boss invited her to his casting couch a lot was lost in translation, when she was asked to stroke his cock and jerk him off she began to get undressed and unleash her own meaty salami. When the boss demanded that she wrap her lips around his dick and blow him off Suki just looked confused. Finally, as he yelled ‘Suck me!’ several times, she bent over her body and began to suck her own hard cock. The boss was so impressed by her self-sucking party trick he hired her on the spot. Suki was so happy she finally began to suck the bosses huge throbbing boner before bending over and spreading her bulging bubble butt cheeks for him to slide into. She was fucked so hard and long the boss couldn’t believe it when she span around stll full of horny energy, stroking her massive flesh pole. In broken English she yelled at her new boss to bend over himself and ploughed his ass like there was no tomorrow, finally leaving him exhausted and covered in ladyboy spunk juice.

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Hot for Teacher: She has a cock and you are not afraid!

April 22nd, 2014

Sexy temptress, Jaquelin Braxton, seducing her student in one of the most genuine, intimate and hot take downs scenes on this site. Our brand new male talent slowly follows her lead, his big eyes getting even bigger as Jaquelin fills his mouth with her hard cock.

Our rookie gets his ass pummeled, his dick milked and rode in a rare switch scene, takes two of Jaquelin’s load before being allowed to cum himself.

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Lara Ravenwood and the Golden Phallus of Quetzalcoatl

April 21st, 2014

It ain’t easy being sleazy, fresh from some hot gangbanging fun in the jungle and I was still having to muster up some horny passion in order to seduce a fat and smelly border guard and make my way into the depths of South America. I was on the trail of a tomb, a very special tomb, the tomb of the Golden Phallus of Quetzacoat. But of course, being a hot blooded shemale explorer, I was also hoping to discover some large pumped latino cocks to jump on and some horny young ass holes to destroy along the way.. Long into my journey looking for the ancient deity of Maya Ketsalkoatlja, I finally found the temple and was ready to enter when an old local shaman spoke, warning me not to enter. He said it would be foolish because the temple was cursed. He said that if I entered I would be captured by guards of this ancient place, and that they would tie me and torture my tranny cock and ladyboy ass until they drained me of every miniscule of cum my balls could muster, in order to sacrifice my spunk to their God. Now as much as he warned me not to go in the idea of being fucked and jerked off by another gang of horny locals just made Ms Ravenwood more excited, and with her wood on hard she began running up the temple steps.. Disapprovingly she got to the Phallus with no trouble what-so-ever, ‘maybe the old man outside was crazy’, she thought, but sure enough, as soon as her hands were wrapped around the huge cock figure a mean gang of horny native warriors appeared, each starring at Lara with pure lust. Tied up and having her ass probed was everything Lara had dreamed it would be, not only did the well endowed tribesmen take turns to finger her ass hole and wank her stiff cock, they were soon tag team fucking her, even double penetrating, as they stretched her tranny hole to the limit, and then beyond..

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Cute Curls & Huge Cock

April 20th, 2014
Klarissa is a black shebabe from Orlando who has a cute curly bob hairdo which frames her pretty face. She talks in a calm quiet baby voice which adds to her shy and sexy demeanor. Despite this she has no problem turning around and pulling up her tight satin black dress to show off her bright pink and white panties which she pulls down to give as a peek at her shapely black butt. Facing front she shows us her flat hard abdomen and then inches her dress up past her sexy navel. At the same time she slowly pulls her panties down first revealing the top of her bushy black pubes and then the hardening shaft of her brown shedick. With her panties at her knees we are struck by the excessive length of her huge hooded down hanging dick. Her curving cock grows longer and harder as she pulls her dress up over her shoulders and stands naked but for her black bra. The cameraman is humbled by a cock size comparison and then requests that she kneel and suck his throbbing dick while she stokes her own black meat pole. He lets her catch her breath before stuffing his dick back in her mouth as her dark dink rests at a right angle on her thigh. She is getting very horny and so spreads her legs and strokes her cock giving us a view of her black balls and hairy asshole. When she lets go her big black tapering tinkler hangs down like an elephant’s trunk but springs up on her stomach when she gets some more oral pleasure. Kneeling on the chair from behind the vision of her beautiful big black booty is disturbed by the giant brown sausage sticking through her legs. Sitting in the chair she admires her enormous crotch meat before starting a long stroke that ends in a spectacular white cum squirting climax. She then plays with her gooey black penis with one hand while jerking the camerman’s dick with the other until he anticlimaxes his load on her bra.

Little black dress

April 19th, 2014


Hiya, this is another of my favorite sets, black and simple with of course the red lips. In my little black office dress, lace top stockings, suspenders, waist cincher (which was kindly brought for me) and heels, it can’t get better than that! The cock is just a bonus… now you have an idea what I wear for the office ;)

Young shemale hottie Agatha Trajano

April 17th, 2014

The young and hung shemale hottie Agatha Trajano is in solo action in this hot new scene. Watch as this stunning tranny teases and struts around showing off in a bikini. Once that bikini comes off, she gets all worked up rubbing and stroking that amazing thick cock of hers.


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April 14th, 2014

Macho construction worker shooting off his mouth about how girls in the Armory should just suck his dick, gets his pay back when Jaquelin tricks him into letting her tie him up before she whips out her cock! It’s payback time. He screams and she doesn’t care. Oh wait, what’s this – his dick is hard. Scream as loud as you like, everyone will just think it’s a scene in the upper floor bathroom. She makes him cum all over her cock and the point of no return is reached! This jerk is all hers.

Jaquelin uses every inch of him until she make him jack her load right onto his own tongue!

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Jumping on Melainny Vilhena’s cock

April 13th, 2014


Big cock tranny hottie Melainny Vilhena is back in raw bareback action today and she is on top as always. Watch as this well endowed tranny slams her straight friend hard and deep in the ass bareback. When she is done using his ass, she unloads on his face leaving him a mess.

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Waterfall Stroke

April 12th, 2014

shemaletugjobs1Model: Erika Backster
Movie length: 17 minutes
Photos: 300

Here is a gorgeous, hard body T-girl beauty that is going to knock your socks off and have you ready to pop. Erika is a blonde shemale babe with sweet curves, a bubble butt and a thick shecock that she loves to play with. She strips bare ass naked for the camera showing off her sexy tan lines while she plays in the fountain. Then she lies back on the rocks stroking her girl pole until it is hard and throbbing before she moans in ecstasy and squirts her creamy jizz like a geyser.

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Japanese Shemale Ass Worship

April 11th, 2014


Mara is a young shemale who has gone to Japan to teach English. One day, while relaxing alone at the beach, a group of four Japanese shemale schoolgirls wearing thong bikinis start a game of volleyball nearby. Aroused be their cute faces, large bulges, and especially their exquisite asses, Mara approaches them and convinces them to come up to her apartment. Once there, she sits down on her couch and invites them to take their tops off and, one at a time, get down on all fours next to her on the couch, facing away from her. They consent, and each takes a turn kneeling down and shoving their ass in Mara’s face. Mara licks and kisses the first girl’s thighs and ass cheeks. Then she takes her top off so she can rub the second girl’s butt with her breasts. Next she takes off her bottom as well so she can rub her cock on the third girl’s ass cheeks until she cums. The final girl is the one who removed her thong, and by this time has been fucked by all three of the other girls. As she gets in position, her asshole is still gaping and dripping cum, and Mara decides to shove her tongue into it as far as she can. The other girls are so excited by this they remove their thongs and stroke their cocks until they cum on Mara’s ass.

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