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January 28th, 2015

Welcome to the newest big cock Brazilian shemale find, Erika Sousa. Watch as this dark skin shemale slowly strips, showing off her stunning and feminine body. You’ll love this episode as the action heats up and she starts rubbing and tugging on her amazing tranny cock.


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January 26th, 2015

Today we have the special young tgirl treat Kenya Rodriques back for an encore. Kenya is young, beautiful and is packing an amazing cock. Watch as this tbabe shows off her feminine curves and then strokes and rubs on her big tranny cock until it squirts a big messy load all over.


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Welcome Vanilla and her 10 inch cock

January 25th, 2015

Vanilla makes her debut appearance on TsSeduction and who better to worship her enormous cock than Dean Strong.
Vanilla seduce a young bike messenger into her apartment. She convinces him to give her long lovely legs a massage and as she rubs her foot into his crotch, Dean’s ability to concentrate fades. It’s not long before he is tied up playing a little game with Vanilla. When she unleashes her hard thick cock the little game becomes a huge turn on. Dean deep throats every inch of Vanilla and takes her all the way in his ass too. The scene ends with Vanilla shooting a full load on Dean’s face. This is not the last you will see of the lovely, seductive Ms. Vanilla.

Sexy shemale diva Beatriz Andrade

January 24th, 2015

Today we have the sassy and sexy shemale diva Beatriz Andrade. Watch as this badass shemale shows off her hot bronze body in sexy red devil lingerie. Beatriz is a prime example of why Brazilian shemales are so adored, just look at that phat booty, her big tits and thick cock!

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Sultan and the Shemales Pt2

January 23rd, 2015

Ali had no idea what had happened. One minute he was walking hand-in-hand with his bride to be, the stunning Princess Jasmina, now he was waking up in the Palace, tied up, naked and starring at two hungry looking shemale with huge cocks who looked a lot like Jasmina and his best friend Genie! He knew Jaffi, the new Sultan, had been plotting something evil and kinky.. Ali may have been an innocent virgin but he could tell he was about to be ass raped by these two meaty man-eating tranny girls, and although shy and trying to wrestle free, he couldn’t deny that he had a large erection of his own, shooting up from his lap.. There was no way he would talk his way out of it, these cock and ass hungry girls were possessed, they ignored his pleas for help and the Genie began to finger and open up Ali’s tight virgin hole. He winced as the hand was inserted into his ass.. One finger.. Two fingers,.. Three fingers.. Ali was ready to take his first ladyboy cock! As genie began to slowly enter his man pussy, Jasmina came around the front and began forcing her thick dick into Ali’s mouth. The more Ali began to struggle the harder they fucked both his holes, stretching his sore ass and making him gag on their meat. Jaffi was still watching, seemingly controlling his shemale slaves telepathically, and on his cue they both began to unleash monster loads of gloopy, salty jism, drenching Ali in the warm spunk, as he spontaneously shot a wad of his own cum, at the sheer sight of all the spunk.

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Lingerie, heels and toys

January 22nd, 2015


Lingerie, heels and toys, what more could you ask for? How about being joined once again by the gorgeous and very horny Liberty Harkness? With Liberty in her bodystocking and me in my stockings and lingerie set, we get very naughty as we both get to play with our toys… then each other…

The Homecoming

January 21st, 2015

A lot had changed back at the farm, Peter was returning home from University and since his great Grandpa Albert had died his young cousin Heidi had taken over the running of the farm, and Peter soon noticed what a great job she had done, everything seemed so fresh and tidy, and nothing more so than Heidi herself. When Peter spotted Heidi he could barely believe his eyes, his young boyish cousin had blossomed into a Amazonian, huge breasted babe, and when she ran up and hugged him, squashing her tits against his body, he instantly grew a massive stiffy. The two cousins had always been very playful together when they were young, growing up side by side on the farm, but nothing sexual had ever happened before, besides they were no more than 15 when Peter left and Heidi was just a young ladyboy then, not the horny, hungry shemale she is now! Feeling Peter’s erection digging into her hip, Heidi quickly began making up for lost time and dragged Peter into the barn for some privacy,. Once behind closed doors she withdrew her massive meaty cock and slid it into Peter’s mouth as she pinned him to the floor and throat fucked him. Not content with fucking Peter’s mouth for several minutes, she then rolled him over, tore down his pants and immediately began pounding her dick into his tight ass hole, fucking him until he was weeping with pleasure and pain, and quickly riding Peter’s stiff dick until she shot her gooey load all over his face and chest. As they lay back exhausted, Clara, Heidi’s farm hand entered, sporting a large ladyboy boner of her own, looking at Peter like she wanted her turn to ride that ass!

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Blonde TS Beauty with huge cock cums all over her male prey

January 20th, 2015

The beautiful Jesse is back and hungry for prey. On the menu today is a submissive male, who will do anything to please her. Jesse locks her slave in a cage and teases his cock through the bars with a torturous blow job. Kade eagerly pleases Jesse by sucking her rock hard cock and worshiping her body. But this is mere foreplay for Jesse who wants nothing more than to fuck her slave in the ass. After an intense fucking complete with a zipper of clothes pins that are ripped off Kade’s body, Jesse cums on his sensitive chest.

Blonde shemale hotie barebacked

January 19th, 2015

Beatriz Close is a stunning blonde shemale from Brazil with a very flirty personality. Watch as she struts around showing off her body with a slow striptease before getting fucked. She gets a big cock crammed in her mouth and deep up her ass bareback!

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Police Perks

January 18th, 2015

One of the perks of being the station photographer is being left alone late at night to photograph some of the local street hookers. After 18 months in this job I knew just about every one by name, but I’d never seen Janie before.. Janie had been picked up on a notorious street corner, she was young, new, and had little clue what to do. Despite it being her first warning, and the fact they were about to release her with a caution, she seemed keen to flirt with me, as if hoping for a favour. I just played along, there was no way I could resist such a young pretty thing in such a tiny skirt, with stockings and heels to boot! She may have been new, but she certainly wasn’t nervous, she was straight down on her knee, unzipping my pants, and working my cock down the back of her throat. I’d had a lot of blow jobs from a lot of hookers, but hand on my heart, this was the finest blowie I’d ever received, it was if she just knew her way around a dick.. It didn’t take long for me to work out why. I threw her over the desk, desperate to fuck the shit out of her, and as soon as I ripped her panties off I found a stiff cock waiting there for me, ‘damn!’ There was no time to waste, the station guard would be back soon, so I just rubbed my dick down with spit and plumped it straight deep into her ass hole. It was sweet, the sweetest hole I’d ever fucked, and I just couldn’t get enough! I was really pushing it, fucking her all around the station, knowing any minute an Officer could walk in, and then I would be screwed! As soon as I heard someone walking down the corridor I pulled my cock out and spunked all over her back, quickly pulling my pants back up. I then looked over to see Janie unloading her balls too, all over her paper work, leaving it drenched in sticky cum! She was one clever shemale whore, I was now going to have to set her free without a warning, but I was pretty sure I’d be seeing her again soon!

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