Morgan CAM: Watch her Pee, Smoke & Seduce a Hunk of Man Meat

July 10th, 2014

Morgan Bailey is a one woman show. Standing at what feels like 9 feet tall with heels on, Morgan towers over most men and loves how that makes them feel. She walks the armory with her own camera and shows us a little sneak peak into getting ready for a shoot here at Kink. She spies on Trent in the male green room and the party is on. These two fuck like sex hungry rabbits and cum all over each other. Morgan takes a load in her mouth, dumps her own all over Trent’s cock and then finger fucks his ass while he pumps yet another load out of his dick.

Big Cock Tranny Ivana Topping

July 9th, 2014

Well endowed tranny babe Ivana Oliveira is in hardcore action in this hot new scene. Watch as this mega cock tranny shows off her hot body before putting her man to work. She crams her cock deep down his throat and then fucks his ass hard until they both cum!


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At the Go-Go! Pt1

July 8th, 2014

Gina was a crazy girl, who lived a crazy crazy life. By day she was Gina Watson, a ballet dancer and classical singer, who trained harder and practiced longer than no other could even imagine, but by night she transformed into Gina La Diva, the hottest, bustiest girl to work the poles of the sleazy Hole A-Go-Go, a pole dancing club on the dirty side of town. Although she only stripped and teased those late night cocks for the extra income, she couldn’t help but enjoy being ogled and lusted after all night by horny guy and girls. But although Gina lived a double life, she did in fact have one other secret that she kept from both, and that was the fact ‘she’ was a ‘he’, and Gina Watson was born Daryl Watson.. It started off as a typical Friday night, Gina was dressed up real sexy, with her hair dyed red, her legs shaved smooth and her big breast squashed together and left on show. The cab driver had been starring at Gina in the rear-view mirror, trying to get a sneaky peak at her rear view no doubt, and when they arrived at the club he tried to flirt, but Gina was ignoring him, she was too used to getting hit on. When Gina realised she had forgotten her purse and didn’t have the money to pay for a ride her slutty instinct kicked in, and she began to flirt back. The trampy teen tranny was soon on her knees, unzipping the cabbie’s cock and sliding her blowjob lips up and down his meaty shaft, moaning as she gobbled deeper and deeper. But her horniness soon got the better of her and in a moment of pornographic passion Gina whipped out her hung cock and tried to ram it in the driver’s ass! The cab driver managed to stop her at first, he was clearly a virgin and new to shemale dick, but Gina was a smart cookie and she was soon working her seductive charm on him, finally bending him over his car and getting her wicked way, fucking the young guy with her large black weapon. Unbeknownst to Gina, her boss had been watching all the time, and now her ladyboy secret was out!

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Panty Hose Factory Workers Fuck on the Assembly Line

July 7th, 2014

Foxxy and Beretta are working the quiet holiday shift at the Panty hose factory. The sexual tension that has been building for months, escalates from playing footsie under the conveyor belt table, to trying on the stockings, to full on fucking!
As they help each other slip into the stockings, their faces so close to each other’s crotches, both girls can not help be want to lick and suck each other.

Beretta can see Foxxy’s cock bulging against her pantyhose and she wants it in her mouth, her pussy, her ass.
Foxxy teases Beretta licking softly at her pussy, convincing her she’s a kitten in the sack when really she’s a tiger! And that tiger comes out as soon as Foxxy slips her cock into Beretta’s pussy. Foxxy dominates Beretta, making her cum and finishing her off by making her swallow her load.


Brazilian Femboy

July 6th, 2014

She’s a cutie with a tight body, inviting smile and a big meaty surprise hidden under her silky panties. Nicole Pug is a hot shemale diva that knows what you want and she loves giving pleasure. She slips out of her short black dress showing off her tight body in her black lingerie before getting bare ass naked and playing with her shecock. Nicole strokes on her girl pole until its standing at full attention and bulging, ready to shoot its milky filling all over her hands.

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Our New Sex Toy

July 5th, 2014

It’s not easy to meet guys in this city, especially when you are two young, hung, adventurous shemales constantly desperate to get fucked! I think we are far too wild and dominant, we always manage to scare guys away.. Jenny was flicking through her favourite porn magazine when she saw an ad for sex toys with immediate delivery, we definitely needed our sex lives sparking into gear and this seemed like the best option, so we made a huge order of the largest and kinkiest items we could find. As soon as we had made the order we just felt in the mood for naughtiness but before we could even strip down to our panties there was a knock at the door. We answered to find a young, handsome delivery boy carrying our bag of new fuck toys; we had no idea how they got here so fast, they really weren’t kidding when they said immediately delivery! Looking through the filthy goodies we were totally turned on and just started ripping off our clothes and making out, all the while the delivery boy just stood and watched, rubbing his growing hard-on. He soon started to striping down and stroking his cock, ready to join in, and then he suddenly hesitated after witnessed our huge, monster cocks! Bad news for him, there was no way he was getting out without emptying his balls first, so we grabbed him and the bag of toys and started fucking. Every hole was filled, with cock and vibrators pumping in and out of every available ass. It was the craziest orgy you could imagine, the stuff fantasies are made of, and we were letting all our sexual frustration out on this young innocent guy! Though he soon got into the swing, sucking, finger, pounding and toy fucking both our holes, getting ready to drench us in his spunk.

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Locker Room Workout

July 4th, 2014

Wow was I in for a surprise when the girls locker room was locked, so Ii decided to start stretching in the guys locker room until a fit guy came in and started to undress, I could not help but look (of course) you could tell we both wanted each other and he gave me one hell of a workout ;)

Kelly Shore – is there a doctor in the house

July 3rd, 2014

Kelly Shore breaks her high heel in a man hole cover..or so she says she did. She limps into a local clinic begging the hot therapist to take a look at her ankle, her calf, her thigh…She’s been watching this muscly man for weeks and now is her chance to seduce him into forbidden massage. He gets her almost naked, she sucks his hard cock, then climbs on top of his chest and shoves her beautiful dick in his wet mouth. Soon she is fucking his ass and finishes her treatment by cumming on his chest. A twisted ankle never felt so good.

Sucking of a Guy

July 2nd, 2014

I managed to tempt a mate of mine to get his big cock out for me to suck… OK he didn’t need much tempting and we both got so turned on by the fact that he got to film right up until he shot his big load all over my face mmmmm any more volunteers?

Cover Up

July 1st, 2014


As for the plot: A handsome young man meets a stunning young woman at a nightclub. She’s gorgeous, has amazing breasts, and long blonde hair. She’s wearing a tight black latex dress, with matching long black latex gloves and black latex thigh-high boots, making her look extremely sexy. They go back to her apartment, where they start to fool around. Suddently, she handcuffs him to the headboard of the bed, before pulling out a strapon complete with straps, and a hard black plastic penis and fake balls, showing it to him. He’s wary, but aggrees to let her use it on him. She then moves out of sight, behind a nearby changing screen, where he can’t see her. She throws away the strapon, and pulls out her large, erect cock. She removes her latex dress, but keeps her boots and gloves on. She then takes what looks like another strapon, but this one has a hollow piece of shiny black material instead of the hard plastic penis of the first one. She pulls the material on, over her cock and balls, and ties the straps of the strapon around her hips. She now looks like a woman wearing a strapon, instead of a shemale. She has a devious expression on her face. She goes back to her trapped lover, and proceeds to fuck him in every position she can think of. The whole time, he has no idea that’s she’s a shemale, and thinks she’s a normal woman using a strapon. That is, until the final panel, where she cums violently over him, leaving him with a shocked and terrified expression as he realizes the truth.

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