Super Busty Oiled

March 4th, 2015

shemaletugjobs8Model: Barbara Smith
Movie length: 14 minutes
Photos: 120

This long haired, brunette shemale was tall with long legs, a huge rack and tasty shecock. Barbara Smith was a real tease in her red bikini that showed off her big boobs and plump rear end. She was one big t-girl and she loved exposing every inch of her long body for the camera. She posed sitting on the edge of the tub before stripping out of her clothes and giving us the full mouth watering view. Grabbing her little bottle of sensual oil, she began to squirt it on her huge boobies and rub it into her pink nipples letting it run down those big mounds and onto on her tight stomach and drip to her thighs. This tranny babe loved the feel of her long fingered hands caressing her body. And it was obvious by the look on her pretty face that feeling her oil covered hand slipping up and down her girl pole was pure pleasure to her and it wasn’t long before she was crying out and shooting her load onto her stomach and hands.

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At the dentist’s

March 3rd, 2015

When you have a painful tooth there is nothing you won’t do to get the treatment you need. Edward manages to find a good dentist just seconds before he is going to leave work and begs him for help, to which Doctor Norton agrees. He sends in a nurse in the sexiest outfit there is, to make sure Edward gets a shot to relieve the pain and is prepped for a dental surgery. While Marina (the nurse) is working on Edward, he feels attracted to her and as if by accident places his hand on her hip. The reaction follows almost immediately – and in several seconds they are kissing and Marina is going for Edward’s dick intending to suck it hard. Their idyll is interrupted when Doctor Norton comes back, and he seems to be quite surprised to see the steamy scene. Edward and Marina have no idea about what is going to happen next, as they seem quite embarrassed. Doctor Norton has some plans about Marina, as he has already gotten too excited at the view of two people enjoying each other’s perfect bodies.

Not Every Dungeon is Dark: Real Life POV w/TS Venus Lux in YOUR HOUSE

March 2nd, 2015

Venus Lux looks you right in the eye and slips her hard cock up your ass. You feel her glide in and that intense pain is only eased but her hand wrapped around your dick. She’s stroking your cock while her every own dick slides in and out of you. It’s almost too much. She so close and so dominating it’s almost too hard to keep a boner. Almost.

TS Venus Lux shows off her hardcore dominating and merciless fucking skills in this rare submissive POV shoot.
She seduces you, makes you beg and then she does not listen to another word you say. Instead you breath your pain and desire into your pillow until your cock is milked dry. And when you sensitive dick is still hard and the cum dripping out of you is still hot, Venus shoves your dick in her ass and uses your rod to make her bust her Queen load all over you. She leaves you for your wife to find. And while you lie there in that small amount of time before all hell breaks loose in your bedroom, you relish the distant sting of her nails on your chest, and touch your now stretched, gaping asshole as it throbs from where her huge cock was once.

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Fantasy Re-Enactment of Real Life Events: TS Venus Seduces a ClassMate

March 1st, 2015

Science class is not boring. It’s not boring when you have the sexy Venus ignoring the teacher and instead covering her toned arms with lotion. Zoey watches in awe and when Venus fingers cream along her cleavage line, Zoey feels her panties dampen. This is going to be Zoey’s root. She wants so badly to do what she has never done before – kiss a girl.

Venus pretends she doesn’t notice Zoey stares. Instead she lures her in by slowly going lower in her shirt with the world’s luckiest cream. Venus has kissed girls before, plenty of them, and that is not all she has done to many a virgin. She is going to be Zoey’s first kiss, that is certain. Venus is also going to be Zoey’s first feel of transsexual cock in her pussy.


Helping the nurses

February 27th, 2015
Starring: Flavia Ferraz
Story: Erik Gaucho loves to help the nurses especially Flavia. He helps her with all she has to do in the hospital, and otherwise too – when she has a moment to herself, Erik is there on his knees – blowing this tranny nurse like there’s no tomorrow. He loves how her package hides under her skirt but comes out for him in a snap!

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The Fantastic Four

February 26th, 2015

When it comes to shemale foursomes, you just can’t find any hotter t-girl babes then Adryella, Alessandra, Aline and Paola. These chicks get all dolled up in their hottie clothes and sexiest lingerie just so they can strip it off each other. They also have no problem sharing one big bed while they explore each others bodies. These shemale divas pair up and take turns sucking each others shecocks until they are ready for some hardcore fucking. Then they fuck each others tight bums until the girl pole cum is flowing free.

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Tranny ass fucked bareback

February 25th, 2015

Jeniffer Hills is a sexy tranny babe that’s showing off her hot feminine body in a skimpy gold bikini at the start of this scene. But by the end of the scene she has a mouth full of cum and her tight shemale ass stretched to the max after she is rode fast and hard!


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Her 8 inch thick cock, plunges into his ass, his throat

February 24th, 2015

Honey invites her piano teacher to stay after her lesson. She sneaks some kinky toys out of her dad’s cabinet and convinces him to let her tie him up. The two are new to sex, each kissing and touching like virgins and playing with nipple clamps and using rope for the first time. Greg’s cock is porcelain hard in Honey’s mouth, her lips warm.
Honey works him into a state of near explosion – then she reveals more than her budding interest in kinky play – out comes her thick, 8 inch cock.
Pinned under her, hands tied, turned on and a little bit curious, Greg reluctantly takes her girthy dick into his mouth feeling it get harder and harder.
Now there is no turning back, they take turns fucking and sucking each other until both cum in a heap on the floor.

Try the Twin

February 23rd, 2015

Bill thought he had the perfect girl. She was a real trophy girlfriend, brown-haired emerald green eyed, all his friends envied him, and every guy they passed in the street couldn’t but stop and stare at the stunning girl on Bill’s arm. The only problem was that his girlfriend wasn’t putting out. Bill knew that his girlfriend had a twin brother who looked just like her, minus the boobs of course. The twin brother was also very feminine looking, he had great potential. So much potential in fact, Bill decided to take some initiative when his girlfriend’s twin brother came to visit. When his girlfriend had to go out and meet some friend’s for diner Bill was told to entertain Sam, her visiting twin. But Bill had other ideas and decided he wanted Sam to entertain him! Bill forced Sam to put on some makeup and a wig which was identical to his sister’s hair. Once made up, Sam was forced to slip into her sexy pink nightgown and put on her used black panties, which had kiss marks all over them. It wasn’t long before Bill noticed the huge bulge Sam’s panties, it was clear Sam enjoyed being dressed up and treated like a girl. Sam didn’t need any encouragement to give Bill a blowjob, as he was playing with himself with the lingerie still on, stroking his stiff cock. Sam then slid the panties down just enough for Bill to get his dick inside Sam’s tight ass and Sam began begging for him to fuck him. Bill very happily obliged, and fucked the shit out of Sam, pummelling him hard and long. Sam soon blew his load and they 69′d each other until they had both emptied their balls completely. After that night Bill had the perfect situation; taking his girlfriend out in the day, then dressing her brother up at night and fucking him all night long.

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Irresistible blonde tranny babe Duda Gaucha

February 22nd, 2015

Today is a special day, we’re featuring the irresistible blonde tranny babe Duda Gaucha. This sexy tranny has it all, feminine curves, ample breasts, long legs and an amazing cock. Watch this beauty put on a slow striptease that will blow your mind and have you begging for more!

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