Working up a hot sweat

November 25th, 2014


Here is me doing what I do best… locking myself in a studio and either dancing or working out, this time I’m working up a sweat in the gym, pumping my body before I pump something else to completion. Watch as I get to work on the equipment in my ultra tight gym wear and get your temperature rising.

The Pool Boy

November 24th, 2014

I’ll never forget the Summer i worked as a pool boy in the Hamptons, so many sexy rich bitches wanting my cock whilst their sugar daddy husband was hard at worked, I’ve never got laid so much in all my life, but there was certainly one fuck that stood out from the rest.. I hadn’t spotted the lady at first, I’d been given the job by this old rich man who insisted I take my time and do a good job. My mind was firmly on the job as I could see there was a good tip in it, but my attention soon switched to his wife once I laid my eyes on here hot busty figure, long athletic legs and a cum-fuck-me look in her eyes. Soon enough she was out by the pool, telling me how her husband doesn’t understand her, doesn’t know how to treat here, doesn’t satisfy her etc.. I’d heard it a million times, to me they were just saying ‘I wanna get laid’, and I was not in the business of turning MILF pussy down. Next thing I knew she was in her bikini asking if I could help rub some lotion on her back and then it was on. I rubbed the lotion in, occasionally catching the side of her huge tits, teasing her and listening to her groan in frustrated pleasure, but she was a wild one and suddenly she span around and thrust her boobs in my mouth. Whilst I sucked away on her nipples she dragged my hand down to what I thought would be a wet pussy, but no, it was a rock hard tranny dick! Now, I don’t class myself as gay, but the first thing that went through my head was to just carry on and try it, if for no other reason, I was still working towards a big tip. I’d never fucked ass before and I’d always wanted to fuck some girls behind, but tranny pussy is the next best thing, and it felt so tight and amazing, just like fucking a virgin, but with a pair of massive hooters to hold on to and lots of slutty talk in the process. Finally we both came at the same time, and the sight of seeing that shemale cock exploding with warm sticky juice just left me wanting to do it all again..

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Nurse Sex – Girl on Ts Girl Action in the Hospital

November 23rd, 2014

Foxxy and Dylan want the same thing – hot sex and messy orgasms. It’s a match made for these two who rip each other’s clothes off and get down to the physical.
Foxxy takes charge of Dylan and makes her squirt and swallow cum. Foxxy fucks in all her big booty glory and with her cardio stamina and desire to get her dick as far inside Dylan as possible and then try to go further. When Foxxy pulls out, Dylan gushes an impressive load of her own girlie squirt.


My Two New Favourite Maids Pt 1

November 22nd, 2014

I should never trust my husband to choose out housemaids, they always have large breast, long legs, thick thighs and skimpy uniforms, and they are rarely useful around our large house. But the latest two maids were soon proving their worth.. I was soaking in the tub when they both entered offering to dry my body and lay out my clothes. Their bodies were typically curvy and Amazonian like, their faces were hot and their maid outfits typically 2 sizes too small! But I do like to be pampered and they were here to serve me. As I stood up in the bath they both starred lustfully at my huge naked breast and I could see bulges forming in their tiny panties, and soon a pair of huge tranny cocks were pointing in my direction. I was gagging for some hung cock and immediately reached out to grab their meaty weapons and started to masturbate them. They were both moaning with approval and it wasn’t long before I was forced out the bath and on to me knees, made to deepthroat their hefty tools. They soon wanted to show me just how it was done and began to suck each other off as I finally stood up and revealed my own donkey sized ladyboy dick. Their eyes lit up to see they were here to serve a fellow sex starved horny transsexual. As they fought over my cock with their mouths, staring at their naked asses hanging up in the air, I had to muster all my control and concentration to stop myself from cumming. And it was worth it, as we were soon on the floor tangled in a steamy passionate shemale orgy..

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SnakeSkin Pants

November 21st, 2014

If you like dark make-up and big red lips this is the set for you!! It was not long before the snakeskin pants were down and I were playing with my hard cock :D

Hung TS Sabrina de Castro Tops

November 20th, 2014

Sabrina de Castro is a stunning big cock Brazilian tranny. She has long legs, a thick cock and is a true nympho in front of the camera. Watch as she turns this straight guy out, feeding him her cock and fucking his tight ass hard until she dumps a load all over his face and chest.

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Lick You Like a Lolipop!

November 19th, 2014

It was a blood bath! The zombies had taken over the high school, in fact they were savaging the whole neighborhood, eating anything with a pulse, ripping off limbs and chowing down on any piece of live flesh they could get their zombie hands on, and I was trapped in school, fearing the absolute worst! I thought I was dead and it was going to be a grim ending, but suddenly I heard the raw revving of a chainsaw, and I began to make out an image of someone sawing the zombies apart, coming to my rescue. I would never have guessed it was my hot classmate, Juliet Starling saving the day, bouncing around in her cheerleader outfit as she killed zombies left and right. As she beheaded the last zombie and cleared our path to escape she asked me if I was alright. I was still pretty scared but I nodded and I asked her if there was anything I could do to repay her for saving me. Juliet gave me the cutest wry smile and pointed towards her skirt. As she raised that pleated cheerleader skirt up I suddenly saw a large ladyboy cock! I’d never sucked cock before but I was so keen to thank her and she was kind and slow as she guided me on to my knees and slid her sooth ladylike cock deep into my mouth. It tasted amazing and it didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it, bobbing up and down on her dick, slurping and moaning as I did so. Juliet shot me another one of her adorable smiles and I knew she wanted to fuck my ass, and who was I to say no? She entered my tight ass with equal care, slowly sliding into my hole, working her meaty cock deeper and deeper until her ball were slapping against mine and I was begging her to ram me harder! I was cumming as she continued to fuck me. But I wasn’t done yet, and before Juliet could say anything I was back down on my knees working her cock with my mouth, slurping down her cum with a smile on my face, just in time for us to start kicking some more zombie ass.

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Hey Neighbour, Could you Spare a Cup of Shag? Power Outage Fucking

November 17th, 2014

A building wide power outage makes fast fuck buddies out of Becca and Vivi who pass the time waiting for the lights to come back on with flirting and foreplay. Just as Becca puts Vivi’s pussy in her mouth, the lights flicker back to life but neither girl is interested in stopping. Becca in fact, has something very special to show Vivi and now with the lights on Vivi will get a very good look at Becca’s hot, hard cock.

This discover drives Vivi wild and the two fuck like mad on the bed. Becca is so turned on from fucking Vivi’s ass, pussy and mouth, that she nearly cums inside Vivi, pulling out at the last minute to cum on her belly.


Black shemale Jade strokes her cock

November 16th, 2014

Black shemale Jade Strokes Her Cock. Sexy Jade loves showing off her chocolate curves. Today she shows us exactly how she likes to have her huge shecock played with as she pulls that beef out of her panties and begins to stroke and jerk it until it gets hard and ready to burst is sweet cum load on her stomach.

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Kayla Biggs Brings The Cock Rain – 9 1/2 inches & 100% Cock Domination

November 14th, 2014

Kayla is back – we just can not get enough of this sexy babe and her enormous cock! She rocks Sebastian’s ass like he’s a virgin and makes an absolute mess of his face as she cums all over him.

Sebastian cums twice for the pounding and face fucking. Kayla really like to have her massive dick tongue worshiped so this update is for the blow job lovers out there.

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