Nina Lins barebacking hard

July 18th, 2014


Big cock Nina Lins is in hardcore bareback action today and it’s fucking hot. Watch as this horny shemale puts her big cock to work on this straight guy’s mouth and ass until he can’t take anymore. Big cock shemale bareback at it’s very best is what we do and this update is no exception.

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Slipping into her tight ass

July 17th, 2014

When you’re in the mood for some dirty tgirl fucking with bitch who packs a monster cock then you’ve just got to spend some time with Sabrina. This is one bitch who would really make your eyes pop if she slipped her big cock into your tight ass. Right now she’s doing that to one dude and you’ve just gotta see how deep she drives her cock.

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The Librarian

July 16th, 2014

Tom had never been a big fan of libraries, in fact up until recently he had never even been in one, but after flunking his history class it was do or die and he forced himself to the local library to finally study. He really didn’t know his way around, he couldn’t find any of the books he needed, nor anyone to help him. He finally found the librarian and she was a total babe. She was a very cute blonde with so much potential, wrapped up in her preppy clothes and her bobbed hair, he knew there was a cum hungry nympho in there waiting to be set free. As he watched her ass wiggle in her tight skirt he couldn’t help but noticed a bulge forming in front, and low and behold seconds later it had grown into a very cock shaped lump. When he looked up he found that she was locked into an open book on the top shelf, and when he coughed to get her attention the ‘karma sutra’ book dropped down and almost hit him. It was clear that this book had fascinated the tranny librarian and stirred her horny juices. Tom was soon flirting with her and slowing peeling off her clothes as they both looked through the many passionate sexual positions. Moments later they were naked, slowly working through the positions in the book, taking it in turns to be the top as they fucked each other hard in the ass, prolonging their cum until they had worked their way through the entire 200 pages..

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Sexy, toned, tanned and hung – AUBREY KATE

July 15th, 2014

Introducing Aubrey Kate to Aubrey is a smoking hot blonde, tanned, blue eyed hot babe, with a toned body and a rock hard cock who seduces a cowboy stud and fucks him over his own cowhide bench!
Aubrey even shows off a little of her two stepping talents before getting it on with Rod. She’s a bundle of surprises – all good ones – and her debut her is a hit.

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Hot and nasty TS maid fucked

July 14th, 2014

I don’t think you’ll ever find a naughty tranny maid as hot as Melainny Vilhena, just take one look at her and you’ll see exactly what I mean! She’s not only sexy but buck wild as well, watch her get freak nasty in this scene hardcore bareback style.


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Sergeant Ass Pound Pt 1

July 13th, 2014

The new staff sergeant was a broad and a real ball buster, she had it in for Doug and I from the get go. Even when we were doing a routine service on the vehicles she’d come over and tell us we were doing it wrong without even checking what we were doing, she just got a stiffy over yelling at us and making us feel small. We could see her sat across the yard at her pretentious outdoor office station, she was keeping an eye on us wait for a chance to come over and yell again, it almost looked like she was jerking off at the same time.. She must have came over whilst I was under the truck and ordered Doug away, all I felt was a nudge between my legs and when I slid out I found a huge black cock dangling in my face and the new Sarge stood above it ordering me to ‘suck it dry!’. An order is an order and I was spit shining that huge meaty dick with all my might, gagging on it as the Sarge began to thrust hard between my lips. When I tried to stop sucking and push the Sarge away, she overpowered me, getting me in an arm lock and spinning me on to my front. The next thing I know she’s pulling down my pants and preparing to fuck my virgin ass. Before long I’m being pummelled senseless, I could barely catch my breath as the horse hung shemale fucked me ragged over the tyres. Finally she withdrew her bare cock from my ass and delivered a delicious warm salty cum facial mainly to my mouth. Before I had a chance to wipe it away she ordered me to swallow it all up! And that’s when we spotted Doug, who had been watching and wanking in secret!

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Blondie with a Big Brown Dick

July 12th, 2014

Blond haired Kimora is an ebony skinned shemale star who shines bright on the Las Vegas strip. You will not find a girl at the infamous Las Vegas Lounge who is more willing to please. She starts the set with an uncoached smile as she slips out of her tan dress to reveal her smooth brown skin. First showing us the curve of her back down to her pleasingly plump booty she then turns back to the front. The first thing we notice is her nice floppy tits and then her shaved pussy making us think this is a reverse crying game moment. But thankfully when she spreads her legs slighting her big brown dick cantilevers forward and we breathe a sigh of relief as we also get hard. She sits back but her impressive cock stays standing at attention as she slurps on the cameraman’s throbbing dick. He grasps her great tool noting the imposing girth as he pulls it perpendicular and we then notice she has a narrow trail of pubes extending half way of the top of her dick. Comparing sizes he may have a half an inch of length but she has him beat in the width department. She gives us a nice view of her rear spreading the lips of her bunghole as her great cock descends below. Looking up at her meaty ass ram it looks even larger with her now swollen ball sack hanging low. This girl loves to model her cock and asshole but we instruct her to get busy with some pole pumping. She dutifully sits in the chair and jacks her giant jizz canon until it explodes in an eruption of milking jerk juice.

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Rough fucking in the spa

July 11th, 2014

They’re two horny sluts and there’s nothing going to stop them from fucking their brains out in the spa. The blonde has the big cock and the brunette has the ass and when they get together you’re going to see some totally nasty tranny fucking. It’s dirty and depraved and just what you want to see.

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Morgan CAM: Watch her Pee, Smoke & Seduce a Hunk of Man Meat

July 10th, 2014

Morgan Bailey is a one woman show. Standing at what feels like 9 feet tall with heels on, Morgan towers over most men and loves how that makes them feel. She walks the armory with her own camera and shows us a little sneak peak into getting ready for a shoot here at Kink. She spies on Trent in the male green room and the party is on. These two fuck like sex hungry rabbits and cum all over each other. Morgan takes a load in her mouth, dumps her own all over Trent’s cock and then finger fucks his ass while he pumps yet another load out of his dick.

Big Cock Tranny Ivana Topping

July 9th, 2014

Well endowed tranny babe Ivana Oliveira is in hardcore action in this hot new scene. Watch as this mega cock tranny shows off her hot body before putting her man to work. She crams her cock deep down his throat and then fucks his ass hard until they both cum!


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