Shemale Stranded!

July 30th, 2014

When you wake up semi naked, stranded on a desert island, the first thing you long for is a cool glass of fresh water.. The second thing you long for is sex.. As Ethan began to explore the island for fresh water, little did he realize hardcore sex was waiting for him through the bushes. Discovering an indigenous tribe of horny, hung transsexuals seemed less like a mirage and more like a wet dream, but it was definitely real, as soon enough there were two smooth, hairless ladyboys down on their knees, sucking his dick, and it was better than he could ever have imagined. The bisexual beauties took turns working their local cock sucking knowledge, trying to suck the spunk from his cock, before one of the ladyboys bent over, spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could, and began pointing at her twitching butt hole. Her message was not lost in translation as Ethan took a-hold of his meaty cock and slammed it in her butt, fucking her as forcefully as he could, whilst she screamed out aloud. Ethan fucked both the trannies in all the positions he could think of, and when he finally took a rest the two slutty shemales began to fuck each other. The sight of the two ladyboys fucking together soon gave Ethan a second wind, and whilst he had yet to find their water supply, he gratefully accepted two huge helpings of fresh ladyboy spunk to his mouth.

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Well hung shemale Perla Lohan

July 29th, 2014

Perla Lohan is a super sexy black Brazilian tranny who is huge in the cock department. Just watch as this beauty puts on a striptease and strokes her massive uncut dick until she blasts a messy load all over her stomach. If you like dark skin big dick shemales, you’ll love Perla!


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Card Games

July 28th, 2014

Nothing much happened in town on Tuesday nights so me and my tranny girlfriends would meet up at my place and gamble, playing poker or blackjack. At first we just played for fun but over the weeks we started gambling with money, trying to make it more exciting and it certainly worked, we were getting very competitive and it was often the best night of the week! But over the Summer we all spent way too much on partying and now we were all broke with nothing left to gamble, suddenly card night had lost its interest, so we started to gamble with our bodies! At first it was simple games of strip poker, but seeing your ladyboy buddies naked didn’t seem like enough of a gamble, we saw each other in the showers and getting changed all the time, so we had to up the stakes. So we decided the loser must become the sex slave for the other two girls and it worked, the games became exciting again! Now every time we play cards we are so excited, almost thinking more about the game ending when we get to strip someone down, suck on their cock and eat out their ass, before taking turns to fuck their mouth and tight hole. And there is nothing they can do, only take our cocks and all our cum and enjoy! Next time I hope I lose!

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Christmas Shopping Threesome

July 27th, 2014

Jessica and Natassia lure a holiday shopper into the store room of their perfume shop. At first, the guy can not believe his luck as these two hot women pull down his pants and suck him off. He laughs at the “restraints” thinking there is no way packing wrap can do anything but make these girls feel like they are in control. Oh, how foolish… once he’s bound and turned on, the girls unwrap their own packages – two sizable, hard cocks ready for action. Triston can’t believe it and as he struggles to get away, it becomes all too obvious that packing wrap really does work. The girls take turns fucking his ass and face, plugging him up from both ends.
Triston becomes a fuck toy as Jessica fucks his ass while he fucks Natassia. All three cum in a big heap with Triston getting milked and jerked at the same time.
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The Cat and the Spider

July 26th, 2014

The Black Cat burglar was as sexy as they come, if she hadn’t turned to a life of crime she would surely have been one of the top earning porn stars in the county. Not only was she a total hotty but she also moved with hypnotism, catching the attention of any hot blooded male fortunate enough to catch this creature of the night. But this fully fledged member of Nymphomaniac Anonymous had a huge crush on Spidey, the local hero whose job it was to bring justice to those on the wrong side of the law. Waiting on top of the Daily Bugle offices Kitty had a cunning plan to kidnap Spidey and take him to her secret base where she would sap all his powers in an endless love making session, only things didn’t go as she expected. Unbeknown to the Kitty, Spidey was already having a bad day and his powers had been compromised by inner demons who’d taken control of him. Kitty found herself face to face with Evil Spidey who towered above the skimpily dress villainess. With an evil glint in his eye, Evil Spidey slashed out at the Cat’s groin, tearing away her pants and unleashing her secret kitty cat cock, which was long, thick and standing to attention! Instincts took over and Kitty jumped into action, knocking the evil deamon to the ground, bending him over and thrusting her huge cock into his tight ass. Cries of pain could be heard echoing across the city skies, but these sounds soon turned to pleasure as Kitty continued to fuck Spidey’s butt hole deeper and hard, with each stroke tickling his hidden g-spot and bringing him closer and closer to his first ever anal orgasm. Such as the pleasure that Evil Spidey was desperate to pleasure his new mistress back, tongue fucking her ass hole whilst she emptied her balls over his mask and open mouth.

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Nina Lins barebacking hard

July 18th, 2014


Big cock Nina Lins is in hardcore bareback action today and it’s fucking hot. Watch as this horny shemale puts her big cock to work on this straight guy’s mouth and ass until he can’t take anymore. Big cock shemale bareback at it’s very best is what we do and this update is no exception.

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Slipping into her tight ass

July 17th, 2014

When you’re in the mood for some dirty tgirl fucking with bitch who packs a monster cock then you’ve just got to spend some time with Sabrina. This is one bitch who would really make your eyes pop if she slipped her big cock into your tight ass. Right now she’s doing that to one dude and you’ve just gotta see how deep she drives her cock.

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The Librarian

July 16th, 2014

Tom had never been a big fan of libraries, in fact up until recently he had never even been in one, but after flunking his history class it was do or die and he forced himself to the local library to finally study. He really didn’t know his way around, he couldn’t find any of the books he needed, nor anyone to help him. He finally found the librarian and she was a total babe. She was a very cute blonde with so much potential, wrapped up in her preppy clothes and her bobbed hair, he knew there was a cum hungry nympho in there waiting to be set free. As he watched her ass wiggle in her tight skirt he couldn’t help but noticed a bulge forming in front, and low and behold seconds later it had grown into a very cock shaped lump. When he looked up he found that she was locked into an open book on the top shelf, and when he coughed to get her attention the ‘karma sutra’ book dropped down and almost hit him. It was clear that this book had fascinated the tranny librarian and stirred her horny juices. Tom was soon flirting with her and slowing peeling off her clothes as they both looked through the many passionate sexual positions. Moments later they were naked, slowly working through the positions in the book, taking it in turns to be the top as they fucked each other hard in the ass, prolonging their cum until they had worked their way through the entire 200 pages..

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Sexy, toned, tanned and hung – AUBREY KATE

July 15th, 2014

Introducing Aubrey Kate to Aubrey is a smoking hot blonde, tanned, blue eyed hot babe, with a toned body and a rock hard cock who seduces a cowboy stud and fucks him over his own cowhide bench!
Aubrey even shows off a little of her two stepping talents before getting it on with Rod. She’s a bundle of surprises – all good ones – and her debut her is a hit.

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Hot and nasty TS maid fucked

July 14th, 2014

I don’t think you’ll ever find a naughty tranny maid as hot as Melainny Vilhena, just take one look at her and you’ll see exactly what I mean! She’s not only sexy but buck wild as well, watch her get freak nasty in this scene hardcore bareback style.


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