Shemale beauty Vanessa Meclayne

October 30th, 2014

Hung Brazilian shemale hottie Vanessa Meclayne is in raw bareback action today. Watch this hung beauty fuck this guy raw dog style with her big uncut cock. After pounding his ass until he couldn’t take it anymore, they jerk off furiously until their cocks are shooting loads.

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Blonde Top Attitude

October 29th, 2014

Chasidy likes to get her way and she doesn’t care if you are not into big hot black girls with dicks. She confidently poses in her colorful dress which can’t contain her big soft boobs. She squeezes her brown sex bags together before getting completely naked save her purple strapped pumps. Below her Hitler moustached pubes her soft cock is a good five inches long as are her sagging balls. She shows us her bountiful booty as her brown dick slowly grows. She then sits down and strokes her oiled penis as she kneads her big boobs. Even though she is a top she shows us her bottom hole before jerking a big load of white cum from her dick.

Photographer’s comments: She drove from Atlanta to Detroit for her shoot (with a driver) and arrived with loads of energy. She loves to model and was very expressive for the camera. Chasidy is a “top” personality but did admit that a real man can handle her. She will dominate and make you service her big dick until she is satisfied. She is only into men. Who wants a challenge?

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Ball Torture and Real BTS fucking with a Classic Ts Seduction Set-up

October 28th, 2014

On the set of a B movie shoot, Venus gets handsie with her co-star – a hot, ripped guy who thinks he has hit the blow job jack pot when Venus goes down on him in the green room. Lance is lounging in his comfort zone of being a top male who gets to cum in any mouth that he wants when Venus turns the table and shoves him down on her cock.
Lance can’t believe what he is doing, but he can’t stop either. He take her cock into his mouth and gets it wet enough to slide into his ass.
Venus shoots an enormous load on Lance’s face – her cum shots are being her trade mark. After she cums all over him, Venus returns the favour by taking his full load in her mouth.

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St Valentines Day Ass Masacre

October 27th, 2014

When is a good time to give your new date some sexy underwear? Too soon and you scare her off, too late and it looks like you’re bored of her already! You just can’t win with girls. I decided to give my latest date some sexy clothes for Valentine’s night, we hadn’t even slept together yet, but I was hoping this would get her in the mood, out of her knickers and onto my dick! She seemed a little shocked and shy, but I eventually got her to slip into the satin bra and panties. Straight away she noticed my raging erection trying to break out of my pants, and she took the cue to start rubbing me up and teasing my cock, the only problem was it was about then I noticed her even bigger hard-on! I wasn’t sure I could go through with it and fuck a tranny, no matter how stunning she was, but I wasn’t even going to get the chance, my shemale date had other plans and it was my tight virgin ass on the Valentine’s dessert menu! She must have loved the new lingerie I bought her, she didn’t even take it off, she just parted the panties to one side, withdrew her huge hung penis, bent me over and began to part my cheeks and finger my tiny hole, preparing to fuck me silly. I can’t remmeber a thing we ate during the meal, but I’ll never forget the sweet and salty taste of her spunk, which she deliver straight to my mouth after giving me a serious ladyboy ass pummelling!

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Priscila Gold takes it in the ass

October 26th, 2014

Priscila Gold is in action today getting her hot ass fucked no condom bareback. Watch as this leggy beauty deep throats a cock and then takes it in the ass in a variety of positions all with no condom. This scene is packed with great action from every imaginable position!


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Submissive Tgirl fucked raw

October 24th, 2014

Tranny submissive Jeniffer Yasmin is handcuffed to the wall today for some fetish bareback action. Watch as this guy does as he wishes to Jeniffer. He starts off with a little light spanking, then stuffs her face and ass full of his rock hard cock bareback.


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In The Thick of It: Mia Isabella Owns Your Dreams

October 23rd, 2014

Every breath fogs the tiny lens of the gas mask, blocking the dim view of the room. Hands spread and tied, legs bound to the post, his cock crammed into a chastity belt and covered with another chaste belt made for girls.
Mia slinks into the room, her latex dress slipping off her thighs as she walks. She is going to take what she wants today while he watches it happen but not by being allowed to look at her, no by only being allowed to see himself get fucked on screen, made to watch what he looks like when huge cock in his ass and struggling not cum while she strokes him perfectly.
Orgasm denial, ass fucking, latex, breath play and bondage all set up for Mia to take and get every inch of what she wants.

Tall and sexy Nina Lins gets fucked

October 22nd, 2014

Nina Lins is a leggy tgirl oozing with sex appeal. Watch as this Brazilian shemale hottie gets buck wild in this new bareback hardcore episode. She gets her phat round ass destroyed by this guy’s big cock until they’re both unleashing massive loads of jizz.


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Young sub

October 21st, 2014


Young sub, big cock… what more could I ask for? He takes my cock so good! I love bending his ass over and fucking his tight hole! A lot of people don’t know I am really a top in real life, now you get to see what I really do to my boys, enjoy watching me use his hole and shoot my load all over his ass.

Hot black TS girl ass fucks and cums on straight guy ass

October 20th, 2014

Nyobi is soon to retire from shooting. We wish her well and as a little good bye gift she gets to have her way with johnny. Any way she wants it and if you have not seen the beautiful Nyobi work over a willing ass slut – then you need to see this shoot. She devours him from head to toe and Johnny doesn’t know what to do with himself as Nyobi makes him suck her long cock, flips him like a pancake while she fucks his tight hole and then drops her hot load on his ass. Pure Ts domination in this set. Lucky for us too, there is one more golden Nyobi update waiting to be viewed.