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December 20th, 2014

Hot big dick blonde tranny Mylena Bysmark is in hot sex action today. Watch this shemale babe let her cock loose on this straight guy’s mouth and ass. There’s still nothing in my opinion that compares to a sexy well hung tranny giving it to a straight guy hard and deep.

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Stop Lying and Just Pull Your Panties to the Side for Her Cock

December 19th, 2014

Jessica Fox pops Tracey Sweet’s porn cherry in this first ever shoot for the sexy blonde newcomer. Tracey looks like the girl next door who gives the best head. In this doctor/patient role play, Tracey tries to convince her therapist played by Jessica Fox, to give her a prescription for her ADHD.
Jessica isn’t buying the bullshit lies that are coming out of Tracey’s mouth. Instead she would rather stuff her cock in her tight little pussy and watch her cum. Abusing her authority she lifts up Jessica’s uniform skirt, pulls her cotton panties to the side, and slides her hard dick into Tracey’s wet, exposed, glistening, slit. She fucks her in bondage and uses her hair as a reins as she plows her tight cunt from behind.


Sneaky fun in the lift

December 18th, 2014


On the way back from a night out in my short, sexy tight dress I just HAD to get out my tits and cock and have a bit of fun, seems as I love getting naughty in public places and all… I love these sneaky wanks feels soooooo bad, so if you see me go into a lift… cum join me!


December 17th, 2014

If you want to watch Yasmin Lee fuck guys to the edge of their pain tolerance with her MASSIVE cock and unbelievably smoking hoooootttt body that convinces the guys to take her cock just a little longer, then sign up!
After nearly two years away from filming, Yasmin looks just as timelessly hot as before and fucks just as hard core as ever. She whoops her little horny man slut with her thick cock and the cums a load so big it spills out of his mouth and all over her belly. Don’t worry, though, Yasmin still feeds him every drop of her load and his own.
The Queen is back and it’s great.

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The Interrogation

December 16th, 2014

My comrade sent me to interrogate the enemy they had captured that morning, I was known as an expert in torture and information retrieval, I have a doctorate in psychology and espionage, but I was taken aback when I saw that soldier they had captured was a sexy blonde, witha body like no woman I had seen before. She seemed distressed and upset, which was a good thing, she was going to be so easy to crack, but as soon as I had her out of her chains and cage her uniform fell open, revealing some huge juicy tits and a monster dick bulge in her panties. Suddenly I was the one freaked out and confused! I’d never had feelings for a guy before, but this enemy shemale warrior had me hypnotised, I didn’t know whether to grill her or drill her, and before i knew it all my years of training had left me and we were making out, ripping off each others clothes in uncontrollable bouts of passion. I knew the guards outside would think everything was going to plan as they could hear our screaming as we began sucking each other and plough every hole on our bodies with huge happy cock. I may not have retrieved any secret plans or inside enemy info, but now I understood how are foe kept the moral of their troops so high! I was left covered in tranny cum, and hungry for more..

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Shemale pornstar Juliana Araujo cums hard

December 15th, 2014

It’s always a thrill to see the fabulous shemale pornstar Juliana Araujo in hardcore action, especially when that action is bareback. Watch as this shemale superstar gets her mouth and tight ass fucked relentlessly by a horny big dick stud with no condom, the action is raw!


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Karla Desejo Turns a Guy Out

December 14th, 2014

Watch as this thick and busty blonde shemale bombshell shows off her big tits and thick round ass before turning this guy out. She starts off feeding him her big cock and then pounds his tight ass with it until he can’t take anymore. Tranny topping at it’s very best!

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One Long Night of Threesome Fucking

December 13th, 2014

Foxxy and her boyfriend convince Jessica Host to join them for a night of all kinds of fucking. Parker hits the jack pot of cock in this update as the two women work him over with their hard dicks.
The gagging blow jobs, leads to deep ass fucking and pure punishment for Parker who is now the fuck toy. Jessica demands that he fuck Foxxy while she smothers Foxxy with her luscious tits and each girl gets their cock ready to pop by rubbing them together in Parker’s open, wet mouth. This is the ultimate fuck fest.

Gothic slut

December 12th, 2014


I know you like to see my dark mysterious side, and you know I love to be treated like a slut. Dressed and ready to please in black knee boots, stockings and a short slutty dress I am ready to please (and do ANYTHING you want) so go ahead and use me!

Newbie shemale Viviane Merillo fucks good

December 11th, 2014


Viviane Merillo makes her first appearance on our site in this new update and it’s hot. Watch as she works over a straight guys ass bareback with her big dick. She starts off by ramming her dick down his throat and then deep up in his ass until she fills him full of hot jizz.

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